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The future of Smart Farming

Making smarter decisions based on better insights into your company? Join JoinData! You have a lot of data in your company. For example, from sensors, but also from companies you are conducting business with. By connecting that data, you get better insights and you can make smarter decisions. Think of combining data from the step counter with the ruminant minutes, which together give you the fertile days of the cow and enables you to determine the right insemination moment.


Not a data farmer? No problem

Also, if you are not yet working with a feeder robot or milking robot, joining JoinData is recommended. Think of the data of your feeding, breeding or dairy installations available to your vet or accountant. And to yourself of course, because you determine which data is shared with whom. Farmer at the helm we call this. Are you changing your feed supplier or dairy organisation? Then it is just a matter of ticking a checkbox to give one supplier access to your information and remove access for the other.


No remembering passwords

Joining JoinData has the added advantage that you do not have to remember passwords of multiple application. You log in to JoinData and access all your information from there.

JoinData is a cooperation of multiple agricultural cooperations and has no profit motive. In JoinData, agricultural entrepreneurs, data suppliers and application builders are brought together for a simple, clear and honest data distribution.


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F&A Next 2020

Namens JoinData is Jos Tholen aanwezig. Klik hier voor meer info.

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Namens JoinData zijn Sener Celik en Jos Tholen aanwezig.

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agrirouter and JoinData join forces in data distribution and empowering farmers

14 November 2019
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Welcome to the future!

We work together in a cooperation with agricultural entrepreneurs and suppliers of data and apps. This is what we offer to the agricultural entrepreneur:

An overview of data flows from all data sources

A well-protected data platform, on which you determine with whom you want to share data.

A data platform which all suppliers can join.


My JoinData is the authorisation platform for the agricultural sector. You only log in once for all affiliated (hardware and software) suppliers and have a direct overview of which data streams are running for which projects. You can see what you are doing with them and which permissions underlie them, for example in the case of projects.

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