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The future of Smart Farming

JoinData is a non-profit cooperative for the agricultural entrepreneur.
Companies, knowledge institutes and agricultural entrepreneurs work together with us to stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation.


6 Juni


Namens JoinData zijn Sener Celik en Jos Tholen aanwezig.

12 November t/m 14 November


Namens JoinData zijn Sener Celik en Jos Tholen aanwezig.

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Let the farmer take the lead: Lely and JoinData working as one

9 April 2019
Today, the 9th of April, Lely and JoinData have signed a strategic partnership. The cooperation…

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Welcome to the future!

Within a cooperative, we work alongside agrarian businesses and suppliers of data and apps. This is what we can offer:

A well secured data platform, where the agricultural entrepreneur decides who to share data with

An overview of data flows from all data sources

A data hub to which all suppliers can link up


My JoinData is the authorisation platform for the agricultural sector. You only log in once for all affiliated (hardware and software) suppliers and have a direct overview of which data streams are running for which projects. You can see what you are doing with them and which permissions underlie them, for example in the case of projects.

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