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JoinData is the data platform for the agricultural sector. A secure digital data highway that makes it possible to share, reuse and combine data.

The JoinData cooperative, a collaboration between Agrifirm, CRV, EDI-Circle, Friesland Campina and LTO Nederland, built this secure platform for agri-business. The platform can be used to share farm data with others on request. It encourages companies to use the available data to develop innovative apps that allow farmers to manage their business even more effectively.

JoinData’s objective is to actively share data within the agricultural sector and thereby drive innovation. The result is better performance in terms of sustainability, profitability and well-being.

Nieuwe kanaal 7F (BioPartner gebouw)
6709 PA Wageningen


Arjan Lamers

Software Architect



Harm de Bruin

Delivery manager


Jos Tholen

Jos Tholen

Business Development



Marlieke Marcusse-Schiltmans

Marketing & Community Manager



Sener Celik

Managing Director


JoinData cooperative

The JoinData cooperative is a collaboration between Agrifirm, CRV, EDI-Circle, FrieslandCampina, Rabo Frontier Ventures and LTO Nederland. The expansion into arable farming has been made now that Cosun and Avebe have also joined as members.

This cooperative emerged from the SmartDairyFarming and Datahub Cooperative initiatives, in collaboration with TNO.

JoinData is advised by an Advisory Board Farmers and an Advisory Board Data. In addition, JoinData is audited by an independent Audit Committee.


2019: Expansion of the platform

JoinData expands its digital highway to the arable sector. On 1 July, Cosun and Avebe became permanent members of JoinData. In addition, the JoinData collaboration platform joins forces internationally. Together with agrirouter, a data exchange platform from a group of machine builders, they want to realise cross-border data exchange.

2018: Development platform

The JoinData team is expanded, which also gives the platform more shape. The new My JoinData permissions platform is introduced at the end of the year.

In the summer, Rabo Frontier Ventures (RFV), Rabobank's strategic investment fund, joins JoinData.

2017: JoinData established as a cooperative

In early August the Datahub Cooperative is established and the new name JoinData is introduced.

LTO and EDI-Circle join and Cosun and Avebe express their intention to become members of the Datahub Cooperative. Agrifirm also expands its existing participation within the Datahub with arable farming activities. With this we offer members, farmers, data suppliers and application builders one reliable infrastructure for financial and technical data on dairy farming and arable farming activities.

2013-2016: Working together in cooperation

In 2013, on the initiative of companies, knowledge institutions and dairy farmers, the SmartDairyFarming 1.0 programme is launched, with a contribution from the Mesdag Fund. In the years that followed, the programme has been developed and in 2016 the 'Smart Dairy Farming in Coöperatief Perspectief' cooperation agreement was signed. With this, the programme enters a new phase: Smart Dairy Farming 3.0. The approach focuses specifically on the data infrastructure and applications.