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innovation and growth

For the agricultural sector, we are living in an era in which big data is the key to innovation and growth; an era in which sensors are your additional eyes and ears that help you run your business as sustainably and efficiently as possible. In this era, the smart linking of data will increasingly determine your success. In such an environment, cooperation is the only option if the Netherlands wishes to maintain its leading position.

Data sharing = multiplying

JoinData is well on track for creating a solid data platform for the Dutch agricultural sector. A secure digital data highway will make it possible to share, reuse and combine data. It is essential for ensuring a sustainable supply chain and as such is vital for the future of the agricultural sector. We already have solid foundations in place, and a variety of data sources already pass through our hub. Nonetheless, we are only just getting started. In the near future, new data sources will be accessed via JoinData, and thereby create data-driven innovations for farmers and the sector as a whole. Based on cooperative principles, the individual farmers are at the heart of our strategy.

Farmer in control

With JoinData, farmers retain ownership of their data. The data in question originate from sensors and other high-tech tools on the farm. It is up to individual farmers to decide which other parties are given access to their data, via a clear and simple dashboard. Not only can they access their own information but also knowledge from other parties.

The data will be made available for applications, and can be enriched with knowledge from research centres and institutes. The data can be used in decision making models, process descriptions and advisory products that will for example assist dairy farmers in making choices about health, fertility and nutrition.

All these outcomes will only be possible if we guarantee a secure environment that can nonetheless be easily accessed by all parties.

Making your data actionable

Wondering how the JoinData permissions platform works?

What are my advantages?



Your data is in safe hands an complies with the European guidelines for privacy and data protection.



You only have to login once and can access everything. All mandates are arranged in the same way.



In one overview it is clear whom you share data with and for which purpose you share your data.


Head start

Smarter decision making: data exchange stimulates the creation of innovation and applications.


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