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For application providers

What are the possibilities? When you start to think about this question carefully, it becomes more and more interesting. Together we can offer innovative apps that combine the data from and between various businesses and with other data sources such as weather information and soil information. By smartly combining all this data, farmers will acquire far greater knowledge and insight. A full 360° farm view will be brought into focus, thereby facilitating a more sustainable and more efficient sector!

Via JoinData, in a single step, you will access a large share of the businesses out there and offer them an opportunity to test your app, prior to the official launch.

JoinData is an independent non-profit data platform for the Food & Agri sector. A digital data highway that makes it easy to share, reuse and combine data. A platform which agricultural entrepreneurs are already using for authorisations. From the cooperative point of view, our goal is to connect all parties so that the entrepreneur can optimally benefit.

Why a data platform for the agricultural sector?

More and more devices and sensors are collecting data on the farm. This data is stored and exchanged in different ways. By working together within the Food & Agri sector, we organise data exchange efficiently, safely and transparently.

The possibilities of analysing data, discovering correlations and recognising patterns are also increasing rapidly and new possibilities are making their appearance. This is a major advantage for the suppliers who work with us. You can innovate by combining your data with data from the supply industry, laboratories and universities within the chain and sector. For example, you can develop applications with the farm 360° in the picture. By cleverly linking all this data, the entrepreneur gains more knowledge and insight. This way we make the sector more sustainable, more efficient. Our focus is therefore on development and innovation for the farmer, chain and sector.

How to connect?

Connecting to My JoinData is easy and accessible to everyone. You can connect as a data provider and/or application provider. As an application provider you gain access, with the consent of the farmer, to new data sources with which you can develop innovative applications. Again, you no longer have to worry about permissions - that's all fully taken care of in My JoinData. Data providers share their data in a safe and efficient way with application providers. This puts you in contact with new customers and you have immediately arranged the approval of the farmer. You no longer have to worry about permissions - that's all fully taken care of in My JoinData.


We are happy to contact you. In order to be able to inform you as fully as possible, we would like to know the following:


Dit zijn de datastromen die al via het JoinData platform lopen. Onze catalogus wordt continu uitgebreid, dus neem voor de laatste status contact met ons op.

Data type Data or example

Identification tags
Customer numbers, chamber of commerce and other company identifiers

Key figures

KLW key figures


Dairy data
EDI dairy


Health reports
Health activities


Parcel registrations
RVO parcel registrations


Pregnancy checks
Heat reports
Heat activities


Water intake
Milk intake
Lab result feed value

Lab results

Feed value
Manure & compost
Food safety
Soil health


Edi-slaughter messages
Slaughter data


Journal entries
UBL invoices
Uncefact invoices
Company specific invoices


Transport certificate animal manure
Kringloopwijzer (Dutch)
Kringloopwijzer status (Dutch)
Milk phosphate reference
Phosphate plan sharing
Dairy grazing summary


Despatch advices
Delivery notices