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For data providers

Together with their smart sensors, hardware suppliers also deliver valuable data that can facilitate the work of agrarian businesses. If a user decides to do nothing more than store the data in a separate database, that is the end of the process. However, if we work together in the supply chain, innumerable new opportunities are suddenly created. If the Dutch Food & Agri sector wishes to retain its leading position, then these are opportunities we must grasp.

JoinData is an independent non-profit data platform for the Food & Agri sector. A digital data highway that makes it easy to share, reuse and combine data. A platform which agricultural entrepreneurs are already using for authorisations. From the cooperative point of view, our goal is to connect all parties so that the entrepreneur can optimally benefit.

Why a data platform for the agricultural sector?

More and more devices and sensors are collecting data on the farm. This data is stored and exchanged in different ways. By working together within the Food & Agri sector, we organise data exchange efficiently, safely and transparently. The possibilities of analysing data, discovering correlations and recognising patterns are also increasing rapidly and new possibilities are making their appearance. This is a major advantage for the suppliers who work with us. You can innovate by combining your data with data from the supply industry, laboratories and universities within the chain and sector. For example, you can develop applications with the farm 360° in the picture. By cleverly linking all this data, the entrepreneur gains more knowledge and insight. This way we make the sector more sustainable, more efficient. Our focus is therefore on development and innovation for the farmer, chain and sector.

How to connect?

Connecting to My JoinData is easy and accessible to everyone. As a data provider, you can share your data in a safe and efficient way with application providers. This puts you in contact with new customers and you have immediately arranged the approval of the farmer. This is precisely part of what the JoinData service is. This significantly reduces your costs, because you no longer need to maintain point to point data connections.

On our website, we created a Developer Center. Here you can find the technical documentation that you'll need to connect to JoinData. You can also request an account for our integration environment through the form at the bottom of the page.

What are my advantages?



Your data is in safe hands an complies with the European guidelines for privacy and data protection.



You only have to login once and can access everything. All mandates are arranged in the same way.



In one overview it is clear whom you share data with and for which purpose you share your data.


Head start

Smarter decision making: data exchange stimulates the creation of innovation and applications.


We are happy to contact you. In order to be able to inform you as fully as possible, we would like to know the following: