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Samenwerking Lely & JoinData

Let the farmer take the lead: Lely and JoinData working as one

Today, the 9th of April, Lely and JoinData have signed a strategic partnership. The cooperation expresses the desire and ambition of both companies to organise data distribution in the agricultural sector more efficiently and, above all, more transparently. What is more, Lely, developer of premium quality robots and data systems for the dairy cattle company, endorses JoinData’s mission to put farmers in control of their data streams.

“By cooperating with JoinData, we put our strategy into practice, whereby farmers keep their data at their disposal”, states Alexander van der Lely, CEO of Lely. “In order to guarantee the safety and quality of the data, as agreed with our customers and described in our data charter, every type of data exchange will be tested as such. It is up to the livestock farmer which data will be collected and whether or not it will be shared. Our vision is to support the livestock farmer as good as possible with data analysis and reports, in the interest of developing better products, from which they will benefit”.

“It is fantastic that Lely aligns with JoinData. In this way, Lely emphasises the importance of the improvement of the farmer’s position in terms of data. It is JoinData’s goal to ‘let the farmer take the lead’. For this, we have developed a data highway and authorisation platform. Here, the farmer is in charge of which data will be shared with whom and for what purpose. JoinData therefore matches perfectly with Lely’s data strategy”, says Ton Loman, chairperson of the board of JoinData.

What does this mean for the farmer? A great example of this data exchange is the cattle manager connection between CRV and Lely. Nowadays, a great amount of our shared customers already use this connection. By running this service by means of the JoinData platform, the farmers will also be able to see this connection on their ‘My JoinData’ authorisation account. In this way, they will gain insight in the data that is shared. It also means that the service is better adapted to future developments of the cattle manager connection itself or the related service products.

When the technical operations have been finalised, Lely will be added to the authority platform, where the farmer is free to see which data is shared with whom, per service. The farmers will get access to this information in their Lely T4C management program as well.